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We currently offer shipping to the UK and Ireland.

All orders placed on or before the 10th of the calendar month, will receive their wines that month.  All orders placed after the 10th of the month, will be delivered the following month.

Why we do it:


It’s been a dream and a passion for years to do this.  We are doing this because we want to share the love and enjoyment we have for wine with everyone.  This is about following our dreams of building a small business based on our values which are wine and travel, education and friends and family. 


We want to be able to show that there are magnificent and interesting wines for everyone to discover.  Sharing what we find with you on our journey and you following us every step of the way with a glass of our wine in your hand.   We want you to feel like you’re dealing with people, and not a faceless company.  Well, a man and his faithful companion anyway.

What we offer:


Boxes of three boutique wines from small producers that make a limited number of bottles per year.


From our wines displayed, we will ship you a box of three red, white or mixed per month – for as many months as you purchase.  As we move forward, you could build a great collection of wines.

In the meantime, if you want to keep up to date with our news, and receive exclusive pre-release dates of when our wines are available, sign up here.


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