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The Jackson & Seddon Wine Club is your key to the world of organic, artisan Italian wines.

Discover the world of exclusive, hand-picked organic Italian wines with the Jackson & Seddon Wine Club today.

The Club provides you with regular boxes of hand-picked reds, whites, rosés and fizz, all expertly crafted by boutique wine-makers and exclusive to Jackson & Seddon.

In each box, you’ll receive 6 bottles of wine and our promise that these will become some of the best wines in your repertoire. The accompanying online Tasting Notes will take you on a journey to our small, independent Italian producers and tell you why we hand-picked each and every wine.

We spread the payments out monthly and your wines will be delivered to your door every other month. That means a box goes out on the 1st week of Feb, April, June etc. If you need more, simply come on over and stock up on your favourites using our online shop. 

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