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With everyone being locked in their houses and a lot of people having to suffer home schooling we thought it was about time we got involved in the online tasting thing!  
As you all know I love to talk about the wines we import and to tell the stories that go with the people that make them or things that happened with me and the wine maker.
With that in mind I want to talk about wine with you for an hour on Friday the 29th, 8pm. The idea is to have three bottles of our wines and go through each one in detail but not wanky wine terms, I ain’t talking soil composition or using words like “terroir”, don’t worry.
You’ll get to hear why I import those wines, what I know that you can’t read on a label or in a book and just to chill out and have a bit of a laugh.
We will record the session so don’t feel you have to open all 3 bottles at once if you’re on your own.  
If we get good feedback from you guys, this will be the first of many of these sessions!  I’d really love your support. 
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