Villa Ligi – Skiants – 100% Aleatico


The story:  From the team that gave us the first fizz we ever imported, this wine started as a little side project by the French half of the team.  Lea wanted to make wine in the style of her motherland, France, but with Italian grapes. Lea chose the Aleatico grape, one usually used to create sweet wines, but she had a vision… a Beaujolais-style Aleatico wine.

The first batch was just 180 bottles made for the family. The first time we tried this wine, we sat in their cantina, being eaten alive by mosquitoes and being stunned by the beauty of this wine, but I’d battle all the mozzies again for this wine. Recently described to us as “perfumed & light”, it is a very light, easy to drink wine with a beautiful floral essence to it. It was made in the ’traditional’ way… the grapes were crushed by foot and nothing was added to the wine. It is completely natural.

Now that Lea has produced 1,730 bottles, she has stopped using her feet to crush the grapes but the wine remains raw and natural. It’s totally organic and beautiful to the roots.

According to the husband and wife team from Villa Ligi, Skiants is “just a word we made up at school.” Stefano told us, “we used to just say yeah Skiants, everything is Skiants.”

I wish everything WAS Skiants! How beautiful would life be….

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Grape Varietals: 100% Aleatico

Tasting Notes: This is going to be very different to any wine you have tried before, yet in many ways it will be slightly familiar.  Light in body and deep in complexity this is akin to a good Burgundy with dried fruit and crisp sharp acidity.

Pair it with: Wild mushroom risotto 

Region: Pergola, Le Marche 

Did you know?: This is made by the French wife of our main fizz producer

Total production:  1,730