Villa Le Corti - Principe Corsini - Spumante Rosé 2019


Grape Varietals: 100% Sangiovese 

Tasting Notes: A summer banger! Light and fresh with a touch of fruit to keep you interested 

Pair it with:  Friends and sunshine  

Region: Firenze, Tuscany

Did you know?: The owner of the estate is a prince.

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About this wine

I met with the Corsini team just before my birthday. Their wines were too pricey, but we all had a really good laugh. Gianluca’s parting comment after plenty of sass and banter was “as tomorrow is your birthday, stop by and we will have a glass together”

I headed over to see Gianluca as he had suggested, and he presented his Rosato Spumante “this is just something we make as a fun project” he said and that’s all I needed to hear. The wine tasted incredible and was reasonably priced too.

We have been working together for a couple of years now and the sass is still going strong!


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