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We are delighted to offer the chance to enjoy an exciting selection of boutique wines from organic wine producers in central Italy in this exclusive three month package.


Each month you will receive three bottles of wine that have been carefully selected by Rob from his travels across central Italy.

With three months worth of wines we can really start to discover the regions that make up central Italy.  Opening up relatively undiscovered regions like Le Marche and trying grape varieties that you won’t come across every day such as the Vernaccia Nera grape which is completely specific to the Serrapetrona region of Italy.  This is a grape that has all of the characteristics of Grenache (Garnacha in Spain), however the producers in this region dry the grapes out to intensify the flavours, creating something really quite special.


The wine makers in different regions are so proud of the wines they produce, using different techniques to amplify the flavours of their wines, even going so far as to using cement vats to soften the more aggressive grape varieties. Try not to picture bunches of grapes carrying flick knives… 


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As our wines are boutique we can only buy small batches, therefore we will endeavour to bring you the wine of your choice but this might not always be possible.
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