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This package is going to enable to you really experience the wines of central Italy with us.  For the next six months we will send you 3 bottles of wine a month, all from small production wineries, direct to your door.  Six months of drinking boutique Italian organic wine from central Italy with Jackson & Seddon will change the way you look at wines forever.


We want to give you a flavour of why we love this region and the wines that are produced here, this six month selection will enable you to do that.  Over the six months we will uncover wines from Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche and Abruzzo.  We can really explore the different methods of wine production across the central belt of the country and the flavour combinations.  We will show you examples of the same grape such as Sangiovese, made by two different producers from two different regions, so you can really see how diverse the production of wine can be.


This is where you will will really see how the journey unfolds, learning about the lives of the different producers, the different grapes, the effect different climates have on the same grapes grown opposite sides of the country.  Whatever you will find in your selection, you can rest assured that the wines will have been carefully chosen to represent the very best of this diverse and fascinating region


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As our wines are boutique we can only buy small batches, therefore we will endeavour to bring you the wine of your choice but this might not always be possible.
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