Sassotondo - Poggio Pinzo - 100% Ciliegiolo


Grape Varietals: 100% Ciliegiolo 

Tasting Notes: As this wine is aged in Amphora its flavours are very subtle which gives the wine a certain elegance.  There is the obvious subtle notes of cherry to accompany the lovely rounded mouth feel of this wine which makes it dangerously drinkable.

Pair it with: Chicken Supreme

Region: Pitigliano, Tuscany

Did you know?: This wine is aged in terracotta pots just like the Romans did it. 

Total production:  1200

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About this wine

The stories about these wines are as beautiful as the wines themselves. We’re still writing this one for you, so pour yourself a glass, put your feet up and we’ll be back soon to tell you all about it.


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