Rascioni & Cecconello - 100% Ciliegiolo - 2019


Grape Varietals: 100% Ciliegiolo 

Tasting Notes: It’s light but packs a lot of fruit in for something so delicate. Cherry is the predominant flavour and smell but there is also a teeny taste of liquorice in there at the end. 

Pair it with: Roast chicken or roast pork 

Region: Maremma / Tuscany 

Did you know?: Ciliegiolo means ‘little cherry’ (ish) and this wine shows you just why.

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About this wine

The story:  When I first moved to Italy and decided to set up J&S, I worked with the daughter of a wine producer and her mad boyfriend. They had set up a business sourcing wines from all over Italy and selling them, mostly to America.  We spent about a month driving around wineries and trying wines, being introduced to some wonderful people and tasting some of the best wines I have ever tasted.  It was at this time that we met the Papini family.

I had only just discovered what Ciliegiolo was and I was totally in love with the grape. It’s a minor component of traditional blends like Chianti but stands well on its own and is making a slow but steady comeback. The Papini family make a very grown up and beautiful version of Ciliegiolo. I knew I wanted some. I said to the guys who introduced me “I love their Ciliegiolo, I will have 102 bottles”. Their response: “They will only sell a pallet as a minimum amount”. My reply was blunt and involved a short pier and a long walk.

Fast forward 4 years, and the son of the owner messaged me on instagram to say hi and I asked him whether he was selling his wine in the UK yet. He said they weren’t. He said they were still desperate to get into the UK… Guess what I said next…?!

So yeah, we bought 102 bottles and we have them in the UK. This wine is incredible. It’s ever so sophisticated and a grape that many people still don’t know about.

The 4 year wait was well worth it to bring you this beauty.


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