Malenchini – Chianti Superiore – 95% Sangiovese, 5% Pugnitello


Now, most of you will know I am not a Chianti fan. Not because of the wine in the bottle but more because you are paying for the brand.  I mean, if it’s 100% Sangiovese you easily pay €3/4 more per bottle just because it says ‘Chianti’ on it. In a lot of cases, the wine isn’t anywhere near as good as wines from say, Montecucco, which is just an hour south.

I made an exception with this one as it’s bloody great and blended with one of my favourite grapes… Pugnitello which means ‘little fist’ as the bunches grow in a little fist shape.

Straight Pugnitello can be pretty full on, so blending it with Sangiovese is a good shout as it brings depth to the wine and a nice tickle of dark fruit usually lacking in most Chianti wines.

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Grape Varietals: 95% Sangiovese, 5% Pugnitello

Tasting Notes: A big bold and beautiful wine stacked with flavour and fruit as the Pugnitello seems to give the wine so much more structure which makes the wine a lot more interesting than a lot of Chianti wines. 

Pair it with: Polpetta aka Meatballs 

Region: Chianti, Tuscany

Did you know?: Pugnitello means ‘Little fist’ as the grapes grow in small tight bunches like a little fist. 

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