Luxury Christmas Box


  • Tessari, Avus 2020. This is how they used to make fizzy wine before modern techniques were invented and only has only one gram of residual sugar. Yes, that’s right. Just one. It’s organic, its low sugar and it’s something a little different in the fizz department. It makes a great talking point with friends and family so an awesome choice to take with you to a Christmas party. That’s if you’re happy to share…
  • Comparini, Chardonnay 2017. A fresh wine with a little butteriness due to the juice spending a few months in oak barrels. Just delicious.
  • Capolino, Fiano 2019. A light and fresh white with good floral nose that makes for easy drinking with a slight salty finish.
  • Sassotondo, Poggio Pinzo 2018. Aged in Amphora, this wine has subtle, elegant flavours.  Soft notes of cherry accompany the lovely rounded mouth feel which makes it dangerously drinkable.
  • San Gabriele Arcangelo, Cuccuvaia, 2010. We call this our ‘Brunello-Beater’ as in our opinion it better than any 2010 Brunello on the market.  Aged in 25HL oak barrels for 5 years, this wine is soft and smooth with a touch of sweetness when you first drink it and then layers of flavours like tobacco, leather, dark cherry and just so bloody smooth and rounded.
  • Massimago, Amarone 2016 Velvet in a glass.  The Amarone will take you on a journey, a journey loaded with big bold sumptuous flavours, mocha, cassis, cinnamon, fig and black cherry.
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For the best of Jackson & Seddon organic, Italian wines this Christmas, look no further. Rob has hand-picked an elegant wine aged in Amphora, a natural, low-sugar fizz and a red that is pure velvet in a glass. We’ve included a Brunello-Beater, a dangerously drinkable Poggio Pinzo and a charming Chardonnay.

Your box will be delivered to your door, free of charge, with our wishes for a healthy, happy Christmas.

Our Luxury Christmas Box contains:

  • Tessari, Avus 2020
  • Comparini, Chardonnay 2017
  • Capolino, Fiano 2019
  • Sassotondo, Poggio Pinzo 2018
  • San Gabriele Arcangelo, Cuccuvaia, 2010
  • Massimago, Amarone 2016