La Valle Del Sole – Pecorino – 2017


The Story:   “Pecorino? Pecorino! Like the cheese?”

The grape does, in fact, take it’s name from the cheese. Back in the day, wine producers used sheep to control the grass levels between the vines. A beautifully organic method of farming. The sheep would then go off and make Pecorino cheese, and the farmer would go off and make Pecorino wine.  And incidentally, if you’re after a taste sensation, this wine pairs really bloody well with the cheese. I highly recommend trying the combo.


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Grape Varietals: 100% Pecorino

Tasting Notes: A nose of Jasmine and flavours of white peach and apricot. With a rich mouth feel and a beautifully creamy complexity, it’s really something quite incredible from such humble origins.  2017 was a crazy hot year so this wine will present with a little less acidity and super pronounced fruit notes. 

Pair it with: Pecorino cheese

Region: Offida, Le Marche

Did you know?: La Valle De Sole’ or ‘The Valley Of The Sun’, is located between the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini Mountains. It was in this mountain range that the first Pecorino grapes were discovered.