La Valle De Sole - Rosso Piceno Superiore - 2019


Grape Varietals: Montepulciano 80% , Sangiovese 20%.

Tasting Notes: An absolute pleasure on the tastebuds. Notes of blueberry jam and spice. Deep purple in colour and a soft velvet feel that makes the wine incredibly moreish.

Pair it with: Beef Ragu

Region: Offida, Le Marche

Did you know?: A Rosso Piceno Superiore is a blend only sanctioned in the 13 most southern towns of the Marche region.

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About this wine

The Story:  The Rosso Piceno has been a huge hit since we first started to import it. The wine just sings to people and they can’t get enough of it.


When we tell people this wine is aged in cement and not steel or oak they’re shocked. And I get that, because I was too when we first went to the winery and saw a room full of cement tanks.  But cement is how wine makers used to age wine, some wine makers are even going back to this method of using terracotta pots again. It is a wonderful way to age a wine because the casing is porous, so oxygen can get in but then there is no vanilla from the oak to change the flavours, it’s just a pure expression of the fruit.


When we took this up to a tasting in Liverpool recently, the shop owner said “how much Rosso Piceno do you have as I think we might sell it all here today”…


It’s one of our most popular wines for good reason!


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