Joyful Christmas Box


Every wine has a story and every story needs a wine.

  • Rosato Spumante  …“this is just something we make as a fun project” he said and that’s all I needed to hear. The wine tasted incredible. Light and fresh with a touch of fruit to keep you interested. Just one more glass… 
  • Soave Classico, 2019. A rich wine with a lovely almost earthy flavour, easy drinking but with flavours to think about with each mouthful.
  • La Vale Del Sole, Pecorino 2019. A nose of jasmine and flavours of white peach and apricot. With a rich mouth feel and a beautifully creamy complexity, it’s really something quite incredible from such humble origins.  2018 was a cooler year so this wine will present with less acidity and softer fruit notes.
  • Faithful Companion 2016 A very easy drinking wine with great structure, soft and round with subtle cranberry and cherry notes. In honour of Jackson, we donate £1 from every bottle we sell to the RVC (Royal Veterinary College) who are working tirelessly to find a cure for IMHA, the disease that took Jackson from us.
  • Il Civettaio, Hiuls 2013. The one our wine-maker holds back from the masses, this has lots of earthy notes on the nose and good acidity. The tannins aren’t too aggressive which makes the wine very, very drinkable. As always with well aged Sangiovese, there is a sweet tobacco hint and the classic characteristic of wine from Civettaio – a smidge of aniseed on the finish.
  • Cuccuvaia 2008. This 2008 Sangiovese needs to be handled with care. It needs a decanter and a spot of patience. In exchange, it will repay you with soft gentle flavours and a very special experience.
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Rob has hand-picked these wines to make your heart soar.

From a ‘fun project’ wine, to one in memory of a very special dog, these are all wines made with love and made to share. Every wine has a story and every story needs a wine.

Our Joyful Christmas Box includes:

  • Rosato Spumante
  • Soave Classico, 2019
  • La Vale Del Sole, Pecorino 2019
  • Faithful Companion 2016
  • Il Civettaio, Hiuls 2013
  • Cuccuvaia 2008