Il Civettaio - Poggio Al Commissario - 2015


Grape Varietals: Sangiovese (65%), Merlot (15%), Cabernet Sauvignon (15%) Alicante (5%)

Tasting Notes: An every day, drinkable, crowd-pleasing wine. Big dark fruity flavours, hints of tobacco, spice and liquorice.

Pair it with: Pork chops 

Region: Paganico, Tuscany

Did you know?: This wine takes is name from the fact that the land the vines are grown on is old bandit country. ‘The Police on the hill.’ 

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About this wine

The Story:  Agricultural tourism has become a necessary means for many small farms’ survival and Gregorio at Il Civettaio runs a hugely successful farm-stay. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love staying somewhere that produces such incredible wine?!

Guests get stuck into the Poggio first, and they absolutely love it.  It’s such an approachable wine – well rounded and clean, beautifully drinkable and just full of lots of plum and dark fruit flavours.

Gregorio finds that guests rave about the Poggio for the first half of their stay but then they always leave with a box of the Sangiovese as their palette changes over their holiday. So we like to think of it as Gregorio’s gateway drug into some pure, unadulterated Sangiovese!


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