Il Civettaio – Hiuls – 2013 – 100% Sangiovese


The Story: When a wine maker you love and respect tells you that he makes a Reserva, you just know its going to knock your bloody socks off!

With Huils, Gregorio aims to make a very special wine from the extra special vintages. The first one I ever tried was the 2006. He gifted me a case when we started to work together and I have cracked into a couple… one at Christmas and one with good friends who needed to forget about normality for a while.

Gregorio picks the best bunches from the best vintages and make his own personal wine – the Reserva. He never makes a lot and he always squirrels some away in the cellar to bring out for special occasions.  I still have a couple of bottles of the 2013 Sangiovese that I bring out for special occasions but this one is a level on from there. It’s the same grapes from the same vintage, it just has an extra level of elegance.

This is one to keep. Squirrel it in your cellar or buy six and pay someone to store them for you for another 10 years.

It’ll be worth it.

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Grape: 100% Sangiovese

Tasting Note: Lots of earthy notes on the nose and good acidity. The tannins aren’t too aggressive which makes the wine very, very drinkable.  As always with good aged Sangiovese, there is a sweet tobacco hint and the classic characteristic of wine from Civettaio – a smidge of aniseed on the finish.

Region: Maremma, Tuscany

Did you know: Hiuls is produced only in the best vintages with grapes selected during the harvest. It ferments and ages in oak casks of 4/5.000 litres for a minimum of 24 months. Bottled without filtering, the wine undergoes a minimum of two years of bottle ageing to add generous texture and deeper flavours.