Festive Christmas Box


This is Christmas covered in one box:

  • Villa Ligi, Setteccoli. This fizz sits perfectly between a Champagne and a Prosecco wine as it has a touch of sweetness with a dry biscuit style with hints of green apple at the finish. A real crowd pleaser for any celebration.
  • La Vale Del Sole, Passerina 2019.  A super fresh and clean wine with notes of peach with a touch of citrus, such an easy wine to enjoy and at only 12% ABV, it’s a timid tipple. Perfect for when the festivities get heavy!
  • Capolino, Greco 2017.  Think stone fruit with this one and a good amount of minerality. I also get a little red apple. It’s a perfectly light red for a lemon sole lunch.
  • Podere San Cristoforo, Amaranto 2018.  A dry wine with great levels of acidity, this one needs to be paired with a sirloin steak to really come into its own. When you do, the fruit will come to life and you’ll experience cassis and other cherry notes which will drive you wild. Perfect for a meaty evening.
  • Emilio Vada, Dolcetto 2018.  Ready for a decadent evening, with lots of dark, dark cherry with a tickle of spice. This is a real winter warmer of a wine. Cuddle up and enjoy it.
  • La Vale Del Sole, Rosso (100% Montepulciano) 2015. The vines used to grow the grapes for this wine are over 50 years old, some even over 70 years old. Give it time to open up and you’ll experience a big, beautiful wine with plenty of soft rounded fruit flavours. Not to be mistaken with a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, this wine is on a whole other level of excellence. This, is the pièce de resistance.
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Winter warmers, the perfect fizz and a very, very special red made from 70-year-old vines, this is Christmas covered in one box.

If you haven’t tried Villa Ligi’s Setteccoli yet, you’re in for a treat. This wine will get the party started in the most elegant way. Then dip into our fresh, clean Passerina, dance with the rich white Greco and get to know three truly beautiful deep reds…

Our Festive Christmas Box contains:

  • Villa Ligi, Setteccoli
  • La Vale Del Sole, Passerina 2019
  • Capolino, Greco 2017
  • Podere San Cristoforo, Amaranto 2018
  • Emilio Vada, Dolcetto 2018
  • La Vale Del Sole, Rosso (100% Montepulciano) 2015