Comparini – Le Pietrine- 2017 – 100% Cabernet Sauvignon


The Story:  “That’s a proper wine”, someone once said to me at a wine event in London …and it really is.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Lorenzo at his home on more than one occasion and I have always been made to feel so incredibly welcome.  The first time, I helped his mum cut the meats for lunch and then we were given a tour of the house… with a cellar under the kitchen, accessed through a tiny door, and barrels all stacked up using every spare inch of space to age these unbelievable wines. Quite a sight. From the cellar to the very top of the house, we went up to see where they make Vinsanto, a family tradition that Lorenzo is very proud of.

Due to the land being limited in size, Lorenzo keeps his production small and the result is small batches of incredibly well made wines.

I don’t ever remember opening a bottle of wine and being quite so humbled by the sheer brilliance of the wine making.

This really is a “proper wine”.

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Grape Varietals: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes: From one of the hottest years on record, this packs a hell of a punch. High alcohol and high acidity mean the wine needs food to keep it in check. Once you pair it up, you’ll appreciate all the bold and beautiful flavours that emerge from this wine. 

Pair it with: Mostly red meat, think big rich flavours.

Region: Empoli, Tuscany

Did you know?: With only 2,000 bottles ever made from this vintage, this is a sensational and rather rare bottle of wine. 

Total production: 2,000