Capolino Perlingieri - Sciasci - 2015 - 50% Aglianico 50% Sciascinoso


Grape varietal: 50% Aglianico 50% Sciascinoso 

Tasting Notes: :  The blend of Aglianico and Sciascinoso is a wise move, as the latter is very sweet and fruity grape variety.  Blending the two gives you a wine that has wonderful strength in depth with a touch of sweetness and drinkability throughout.

Pair it with: Grilled Pork Chops 

Region: Sannio, Campania

Did you know?: Producer Alexia hails from a wine making family in Naples, her love of viticulture originating with her grandfather, who made wine while he was also serving in the first Italian Parliament.  She still lives on the farm with her mum who fell in love with Jackson when they met and kept sneaking him pizza at the dinner table.

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