Comparini – Caccialepre Bianco di Toscana IGT – 100% Riesling


The story:    I signed up to a wine buying event in Florence in 2018. There were two compounding reasons for me to attend. The first was that it fell over my birthday weekend and was 3 days in Florence – hotels, flights and all the wine for £180… I mean who is going to turn that down?! The second, was that there were some really interesting producers at the event. One in particular,  selling a Riesling from Tuscany. That is a rare find indeed… I mean, who the hell grows Riesling in Tuscany?! I had to try it.


I met Lorenzo, a very quiet and gently spoken man. We started to talk and hit it off straight away. His English is perfect so I could tell him my jokes and he laughed.  All of his wines were just unbelievable, from the Chardonnay to the Super Tuscan blend but especially the Riesling. I love a good Riesling and this is a very subtle one.


The other kicker  is that he only ever makes a tanks worth of each vintage, so you will only ever get less than 600 bottles a year. This is no exception – an extremely limited press of just 550 bottles from 2019 – so a little piece of something very rare indeed.


This wine has all the characteristics of a Riesling but Lorenzo has been able to turn the volume right down. If you’re not already a Riesling fan or you’re on the outskirts, then this one is definitely one to try. You’ll find it  a lot more approachable. And if you are a Reisling fan, this wine will certainly open your eyes to what can be done with this enigma of a grape.


Thanks Lorenzo.

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Grapes: 100% Riesling

Tasting notes: It’s Reisling but not as you know it. This wine has a lot more going on than your average Reisling and it’s unbelievably easy to drink, with nice levels of acidity and some enjoyable apple flavours.

Pair with: Something with a touch of spice.

Did you know?This is the smallest producer we work with. They’re almost a micro producer. 

Total production: 550