Bubbly Christmas Box


A fizz for everyone.

  • The Tessari, Avus 2020. This is how they used to make fizzy wine before modern techniques were invented and each bottle only has only one gram of residual sugar. Yes, that’s right. Just one. It’s organic, its low in sugar and it’s something a little different in the fizz department. It makes a great talking point with friends and family so an awesome choice to take with you to a Christmas party… if you can bear to share it.
  • The Villa Ligi, Setteccoli. Pure magic, this fizz sits perfectly between a Champagne and a Prosecco wine as it has a touch of sweetness with a dry biscuit style with hints of green apple at the finish. Hugely versatile and a real crowd pleaser.
  • The Corsini, Rosato Spumante. “This is just something we make as a fun project” said the wine maker and that’s all I needed to hear. It’s incredible. Light and fresh with a touch of fruit to keep you interested. A perfect day-time Christmas tipple or lighter option if the festivities are getting heavy!
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The ultimate party box, this selection has a fizz for everyone …and a little bit more! The Spumante is light and fresh. The Setteccoli sits perfectly between a Champagne and a Prosecco. And as for the Avus, it’s organic, natural, unfiltered and as low low-sugar as you can go. Find out more below.

Our Bubbly Christmas box contains:

  • 2 bottles of Tessari, Avus 2020
  • 2 bottles of Villa Ligi, Setteccoli
  • 2 bottles of Corsini, Rosato Spumante