Sassotondo – Isolina – Bianco Di Pitigliano Superiore D.O.C.


I can’t decide whether I love the wine, or the producers of this wine, more….

They are an older couple making their wines on the edge of Southern Tuscany, a stone’s throw from one of the most beautiful cites in Tuscany, Pitigliano.

I heard about them through Gregorio from Il Civettaio when we were at a big tasting event. I was with my pal Carlo and we went over to try their Ciliegiolo and were both stunned by how good it was.  I took a card and arranged to meet up and taste all their wines a few weeks later.

Their farm is on the south side of Monte Amiata, the mountain I used to see every day when I lived in Tuscany. There are a lot of very bendy roads to get to there so it feels remote and quite magical. When I arrived, I was given a tour by Carla and we talked a little about wine and a lot about Jackson. It was kind of like an interview which is like most new wineries when I visit!  We lost Eduaro on the tour so ended up in the kitchen drinking coffee and eating biscuits and laughing until we were found and the tour continued.

Their farm is built on volcanic soil so all of their wines are heaped with flavour and this white is no exception. Their entry level white didn’t do much for me but when they poured me the Isolina and I was dancing in my seat. I mean, what a wine this is! Packed with flavour and each mouthful feels like you’re going on a little adventure of discovery.

Check out the entire Sassotondo range as they really are stunning wines.

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Grape Varietals:  Trebbiano 55%, Sauvignon 35%, Greco 10%

Tasting Notes: If you blend all of these grapes together, you are certainly in for a treat and a wild ride.  This wine has the colour of something very special and the flavours to match.  There are elements of tropical fruit kicking around, there is the high mineral content due to the extremely volcanic soil the vines grow in, and a lot of body for a white wine.

Pair it with: Brie or Brie style cheese

Region: Pitigliano, Tuscany 

Did you know?: This winery is built on volcanic soil (Tufo) 

Total Production: 3000