Avus – 100% Garganega Frizzante – 2018


The Story:   This is made by the good folks that produce the stunning Soave Classico we import, a wine that has won hearts and minds all over the UK.  It’s made with the same grapes but has not been filtered, so you’ll want to be all posh and decant this one to to remove the natural sediment that settles in the bottle. This is how they used to make fizzy wine before modern techniques were invented and only has only one gram of residual sugar. Yes, that’s right. Just one.

It’s organic, its low sugar and it’s something a little different in the fizz department. It makes a great talking point with friends and family so an awesome choice to take with you to a lunch or a barbecue.

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Grape Varietals:  100% Garganega 

Tasting Notes: It has a little of the biscuity flavour you will have smelt and tasted in champagne but with a sharp and clean finish due to the Garganega grape. 

Pair it with: Grilled trout 

Region: Veneto/Italy

Did you know?: The ‘Col Fondo’ method used to produce this frizzante is one of the oldest methods for producing sparkling wine and translates as ‘with the bottom’, referring to the yeast cells (or lees) upon which the wine rests and draws its wonderful aromas and textures from.