Amarone della Valpolicella – 2015


No Italian wine collection is complete without an Amarone.

Amarone (Am-Ma-Rone-Ay) is the pinnacle of Italian wine making. The Italians even say that Amarone is ‘an experience’ and you know how much Italians love their wine!

If you didn’t know the way they make Amarone, they take the grapes that make up the wine, usually a blend of three, and they semi dry them out in a drying room. By doing this you get a much more intense flavour from the pressed grapes and because the grapes have been left to dry you get a heap load more sugar so that means a load more alcohol.

Each Amarone is exquisite. Each one needs to be decanted and left for as long as possible. I used to decant one on the 30th of Jan so I could drink it on New Year’s Eve and it would be perfect.

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Grape Varietals: 65% Corvina veronese, 25% Corvinone, 10% Rondinella

Tasting Notes: Velvet in a glass.  This wine will take you on a journey, a journey loaded with big bold sumptuous flavours, mocha, cassis, cinnamon, fig and black cherry. 

Pair it with: Close friends 

Region: Verona, Italy 

Did you know?: The Italians say that opening a bottle of Amarone is an “experience”