San Cristoforo – Amaranto – Sangiovese 100% – 2018


This producer came recommended and when I saw they produced a Petit Verdot, I just had to try that. I figured I would try the rest of their range while I was at it, especially the entry level wines.

Each wine, apart from the rosé, has braille on the label explaining who made it and what’s in the bottle. This was enough to make me want to work with the producer.  I knew these wines would sell well in the UK so we started to work together.

I am really looking forward to the future with these guys on board. I know there are some great stories yet to be made with this team.

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Grape Varietals:  100% Sangiovese 

Tasting Notes:  A dry wine with great levels of acidity, not a wine to be taken lightly as it needs food to really come into its own but once you introduce food all the fruit comes to life. Keep an eye out for cassis and other cherry notes in this one.

Pair it with: Sirloin steak 

Region: Maremma/Tuscany

Did you know?: Up until 2016 Lorenzo was making wine in his garage