I fell in love with this winery and the owners when I first arrived on a cool February evening.  After a long day of tasting this was the last stop and what a warm welcome I received.

Simona and her husband Adriano are the most wonderful and friendly people.  They used to own an IT finance company in Milan before they sold up and bought the farm in Merrema Tuscany, close to a village that Simona’s grandparents lived in, which you can see from the top of the swimming pool. There is also a little ranch on the farm which is Simona’s true passion.

They have a beautiful winery, painted the reddish pink that you see a great deal of houses in the region painted.  It’s the traditional colour of the Poderras (farm house) in the area which a lot of the new wine makers respect and so follow tradition.  The views are intense, you can see the sea and it’s truly mesmerising when you stand on their patio and look out.  Adriano tells me I have to return in the summer when you can sit out all night and the sea breeze is hypnotic.

The farm produces a nice mix of wines from a stunning Vermentino, a straight Syrah – the local grape of Ciliegiolo, all the way through to a Pugnitello which is a grape variety that was rediscovered only 20 years ago. 

An organic farm which is set up to make life as simple as possible.  The grapes come in from the field and are sorted, de-stemmed and then gravity fed down to the fermentation tanks.

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