Poggio Piano

About Poggio Piano

I was first introduced to the Galardi family in January of 2017, our
paths did not cross again until the November of 2017 when Carlo and I
met them at the FIVI wine show in Piacenza.

The family own a small estate in the hills just outside Firenze
(Florence) and are extremely welcoming and friendly people, with
Martina the daughter being the spearhead of the family. She exudes
confidence and passion for the wine her family produce in spades.
The family produce a small selection of wines, which include a Vino
Bianco and 4 red wines, 2 of which are Chianti wines and two of which
are blends. However, for me, their stand out wine is the Com ‘Era
which is a beautiful amalgamation of grapes that is both easy drinking
and packed with flavours to keep you entertained with each glass.
The family are originally from Firenze and have been making wine in
the area since 1935. Their family has a wonderful history, as it was
the Galardi family that manufactured one of the first modern day
machines for milling olives. I have to say though, when you sit with
Martina’s father, you can see his true passion lies in their olive
oil, which is absolutely stunning and worth trying if you ever get the

The farm is managed by her parents these days, but Martina really is
the future of the business, and we can’t wait to have her in the UK
to host a tasting with us.

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