Producing just 20,000 bottles a year this is one of the boutique farms I spend my time trying to find here in Tuscany.  With such a small farm and not a great deal of space, I was genuinely shocked to see them present me with seven different wines. Alda loves her Vermentio most of all, she told me that she always keeps some stock back for herself, which I can’t blame her for as its a great wine and tastes of granny smith apples.

Owned by Giorgio and Alda who had been coming to the area since the 1970’s and as Alda put it “we wanted to find a quite place to live out the last chapter of our lives” which I thought was such a beautiful way to look at life; in chapters.

When people say “hidden gem” they don’t mean “hidden” as most people know of it now.  But the olive oil from Alda is an actual hidden gem, as it’s organic and award winning and simply stunning.  

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