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We met at his farm and were quickly taken to a local restaurant as we were extremely late for lunch. Over a fantastic 4 course lunch we were introduced to his entire portfolio going back a couple of years on some wines. All of the whites he showed us had different levels of complexity and flavours of classic aged French wines, they were wonderful. After lunch we were on the way to see his vineyard and he said “Do you want to meet a friend that makes great Frizzante wine?” of course I wasn’t going to say no as so many great days start or end like this. We went off to meet his friend who has the largest set up I have seen in such a small rural location. We left with a couple of bottles of fizz and massive grins on our faces.

This man is a wizard when it comes to wine and life. We met through a mutual friend and we sat down to a luscious lunch with all of his wines going back to late vintages. We laughed about the wine world and all the people in it that refuse to move with the times, those who say wine should be made this way and not that way.

Nico is a trailblazer of the Marche region and he really isn’t afraid to speak his mind and I admire him for that. The farm was originally set up by his grandfather and he is now making it his own and doing an incredible job of it.

He likes to use modern techniques to bring exciting flavours from grapes that have been growing in the region for generations.

The principles that I love about Nico and his whole attitude toward his wines came to light when the question was raised as to whether his wines were organic, and he became more animated than any man I have seen in a while. “We don’t need some authority with a folder to tell us we’re organic, we know we’re organic” which is a sentiment echoed by a great deal of the wine producers I have met over the past few months.

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