Villa Patrizia

About Villa Patrizia

Villa Patrizia is a small farm in the heart of the Montecucco region of Tuscany.

A family owned estate withthree  generations all living on the farm and all having a hand in the production and distribution of the wines.

When the filming of the TV show had finished, I stayed in Tuscany for a couple of weeks visiting potential small farms that produced organic wines.  Villa Patrizia was the first I went to visit on a cold November morning.  

The farm is set into the side of a hill with a view out over the valley with vines spreading out from the farm.  

When I arrived I was met by Alessio and his mum and as Alessio had to finish off some work, his mum and I sat down and tasted the wines.  As with all tasting in November, you have to battle with the wines being cold sometimes, especially the reds.  We opened a few bottles and I was really blown away by a couple of their reds, they were big and spicy and really packed with flavour even when they were a little cool.

I returned to Villa Patrizia in the spring to try their Ciliegiolo, as it was not ready when I first visited, and this was a real show stopper for me.  I was also greeted by Alessio’s mum asking “are you selling my wines in England yet!?”

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