About Sassotondo

What a wonderful experience it is to visit the producers at Sassotondo.

The farm is based a stones thrown from the historical town of Pitiliano, and for those that have never been, this is one of the most beautiful towns in the southern Tuscan hills. The entire area is built on Tuffo rock, which is a volcanic rock that adds much to the wine due to the minerals in the soil.

One of the real joys of visiting the farm is being able to visit the cave under their farm. The cave is carved into the tuff rock and is the home of their wine production. It’s a magical moment when you enter the car and see the steel tanks, then venture further in to find the oak barrels. The cave stays at a constant temperature of around 15 – 18 degrees, depending on how long the door is left open.

Edoardo and Clara have been making wine in the region for 21 years now and their speciality is their Ciliegiolo, of which they make a selection, all in different styles. Some aged in Stainless steel, some in oak and some in terracotta.

They also have a big beautiful and friendly dog who is a cross between a St Bernard and a border Collie, which they were hoping would have the gentle temperament of the St Bernard and the smarts of the collie, except they got the opposite….

They are a very, very friendly couple and have people travel from all over to buy grafts of their Ciliegiolo.

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