San Gabriel Arcangelo is the first winery I visited when I came to Tuscany to film BBC Two’s Second Chance Summer.  I met Stavros a few times during the filming of the show and he was instrumental in helping us finish the grape harvest and olive harvest in time. I think I can confidently say that without his support neither of the harvests would have been finished in time.  I also think the fact I have Greek writing contained in two of my tattoos made Stavros and I connect quite quickly!    

Stavros moved to Tuscany 27 years ago from Greece after seeing an advert in a paper about farms and land in Tuscany.  He worked as an architect at the time, but something in his soul pulled him towards Tuscany.  When you ask him how he ended up in Tuscany he will say “coincidence” and it’s coincidence that we met and became good friends too.

The farm has 10,000 olive trees planted on the surrounding grounds which when it was planted was the biggest in the area by some way.  The farm also hosts the wine production area where the oak barrels are situated for ageing, yet the actual vineyard is a twenty minute drive away.  The vineyard sits on a hill on the way to Grosseto with south facing slopes which are ideal for growing top quality grapes.

Stavros produces 3 different wines, all Sangiovese, all aged for different amounts of time.  In total he makes about 35,000 bottles a year which is what makes him sit nicely in our portfolio as he embodies the “boutique” ethos we are looking for.

Stavros makes an organic wine and as close to a natural wine as possible.  His wines are the wrong side of the river to gather as much media as the Brunellos from up the road, however, in my opinion his top wine Cuccuvaia is a match for most of the top Brunellos produced in this region.   

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