About Forgiardita

Originally trained as a lawyer, Nicola now takes up where is Nona left off and runs the family wine business.
After finishing his studies Nicola realised his passion was not in being a lawyer, his passion was in making wine.  He has a small canteen just outside the city of Siena, and his 3.5 hectare vineyard is a reasonable drive into the heart of Chianti producing territory.
We met Nicola at the FIVI show in Piacenza, his stand really stood out for me, as he had no signs or promotional material up, it was simply him and his girlfriend and the two wines he produces.
The wine we have taken from Nicola is his Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon blend.  A wonderful example of Sangiovese with a Cabernet twang to boot.  The bottles looked stunning and he even takes the wine to wax dib every bottles himself.
There are only a handful of his bottles of this wine in existence, as it is his first real year of wine production.
We can’t wait to try his Chianti at the end of the year, as it tasted really special from the barrel in January.

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