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All of the drives to the wineries in the Maremma region of Tuscany are down bumpy ‘white’ roads, and most of the time the drive in is as exciting and fun as the winery itself. With Diegale I wasn’t disappointed, just frustrated that I hadn’t set up the time lapse camera to capture it, but I will make sure I do so the next time I visit.  After a bumpy drive down, you arrive at a rust-coloured gate which opens once you have explained who you are and why you’re visiting.

Once I parked up and got out of the car I was met by Alessandro with a big grin on his face and two very happy looking dogs at his side, Bo and Lola.

Alessandro worked in the tobacco industry for most of his professional career and after being made redundant decided that not seeing his kids grow up was no life for him.  So, he took his life in his hands and bought a run down farm in the Tuscan hills, and with the support of his wife Paola and his two children Gabriele and Sara they all set about creating their own little piece of paradise in this corner of Southern Tuscany. 

The farm sits on 40 hectares of land, 16 of which are used for the production of their own wines, totalling 16,000. The rest of the grapes are sold off to other organic farms.

There are a few grape varieties grown on the farm consisting of Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Vermentino, Syrah, Chardonnay and Grenache.  The Pinot Noir is an interesting choice as it’s normally a little too hot to grow it in this region, but fortunately the farm backs onto a river, meaning they get cool air coming up over the vines in the evening and nice warm air in the daytime, making this a perfect Pinot growing environment. 

The day I first met Alessandro was one of the best days I have had since starting Jackson & Seddon, we laughed and talked about wine, life and cigars.  I’m really looking forward to introducing people to their winery and getting to know the whole family even more. 

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