Discovered in Italy, delivered to your door.

We are a UK based importer of artisanal, organic wine from small independent producers in Italy.  We choose to work with sustainable, boutique winemakers, because we find they put a great deal more love and passion into their work, which creates carefully crafted wines.

The focus of our wine shop is on wine made with organic production, as this method not only supports a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity but gives you less of a sore head the day after drinking.

As we begin our journey to discover new wines, we would love you to join us and share in the magic and excitement of discovering new organic, biodynamic, vegan and natural wines from Italy.

I’m Rob Seddon, the owner of Jackson and Seddon, and Jackson’s dad.

I was born in Cyprus in 1978, to Jimmy and Sue Seddon, one scouse and one brummie making me…..confused! I have a big sister, Rachel, who thinks I am crackers for doing this, but also proud that I am giving it a go.

Raised as a military kid, I moved around A LOT!  I got to see a great deal of the UK and I was lucky enough to live in Cyprus for quite a few years as I was growing up.

I packed a bag at 24 and took off to see the world and while in Australia I fell in love, with the country, with the people and most of all with wine.  It was my first experience of seeing rolling hills covered in vines as far as the eye could see, glorious sunny days, tasting wines in an actual winery, the sounds, the smells, it was the foundations of the dream I am pursuing today.

After I got back from Australia I was a changed man (with an odd accent), I no longer went for the £6 bottle of wine, I was up at the £10 bottle section, only drinking Australian wines though. 

As time passed I matured along with my palate and I became obsessed with Italian and French reds, the bigger, the heavier, the better.

Today I am open to all grape varieties.  I have a bit of a crush on Pinot Noir from South Africa at the moment and a big filthy Australian Shiraz can always make me smile.

In 2016 I was then given the opportunity to spend 7 weeks in Tuscany to take part in a BBC TV show, ‘Second Chance Summer’.  During my time there, I discovered wine producers who don’t export to the UK.  Not through lack of trying, but from lack of the budget to market or produce enough wine to interest the big importers. These producers are small, family run places, winemakers that have had the skills and knowledge passed down to them from generations before.

After 8 incredible years and adventures that will live with me until the day I die, I lost my best friend in the whole world, Jackson.

At only just 8 years old Jackson contracted a rare disease that occurs in spaniels and after fighting hard for 10 days the fight was too much for him.

I loved Jackson so much and naming the business after him was the least I could ever have done for that dog.  I mean his breeding name was Sunraycourt Benedict, so I think Jackson and Seddon rolls off the tongue a little easier.

After taking time to process the loss and of my best friend and going through some really hard times, I realised that I had a huge dog shaped hole in my life that wasn’t getting any smaller no matter how busy I made myself.  

So I did what any dog loving person would do and I got myself another little companion to move through life with, I got Cooper Francis Seddon at 9 weeks old and we have been slowly growing and learning each other and working out how each other ticks.

Cooper and I are looking forward to getting back over to Italy as soon as we can, so he can explore the vineyards and meet all the producers that knew Jackson and so we can find some new wines for you to try.

The Episode from 'Second Chance Summer', showing the foundations of Jackson & Seddon being built.

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