Washing machine must be hungry.

So much has happened, I feel like I owe you a longer story.
I will fill you in on all the details of the car and the journey back to the UK one day, I might even just VLOG it as it’s a long and rather funny story, speaking of which..

I’m back in the UK for the summer: our mission is to grow the sales of the business, and this is not something that can be done while sitting in an apartment in Tuscany.  It’s something that takes time with potential customers.

My first meeting was with a top London restaurant, I won’t use names as that’s not cool.
So anyway, the day of the meeting comes and I grab a shirt and give it an iron, I then think “better check my trousers in case they need an iron”.  To my sheer delight they have a friggin food stain on them.  It’s 13:10 and I need to leave for my meeting at 15:00, so I put the
trousers in the wash and carry on getting prepped for my meeting.

I am sure you can see what’s coming, but for those that can’t; The time was 14:45 and the machine was still happily doing its job of WASHING MY TROUSERS! Which meant I had 15 minutes to free them from captivity, dry them and iron them, if I could get the machine to give them back.  It was at this point I realised all was lost and I needed to call the client…

Long story short, I turned up to a top London restaurant to present myself and my business in shorts! I could feel my dads eyes rolling from somewhere in the universe.  My personal favourite moment was when the GM opened the door, looked me up and down, smiled and said “you must be Rob”.  Luckily he found it all very funny.

Either way, the meeting was a great success and we will let you know more as things develop.

We have done a little wine evening since being back and a successful weekend at a market selling our Rosé by the boat load.  It is certainly a summer for rosé this year.


In addition to this, we now have out first retail client in Number 2 Pound street in Wendover in Buckinghamshire and we hope to be there again in the coming months for additional events.  If you’re ever in the local area, please pop in and ask for one of our wines, we can
also highly recommend the cheese on display too.

Finally, as promised many, many months ago, we now have some Tuscan organic olive oil in the UK.  We are offering it as a free gift for anyone that subscribes to our wine club, so why not come join us…

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