It’s a new year, so it’s time for an update I think…

Over the past couple of months we have managed to get a lot of wine out to customers, visit an awesome wine show, travel back to Scotland, do some modelling for alpaca clothing, ship more wine and do a little site-seeing around Italy.

We have sent our final box of wine out of 2017 and it feels great, what a phenomenal few months it has been, and you have followed us every step of the way.  You were there for the nightmare with HMRC, you saw us through the Lucifer heatwave, you stuck with us through thick and thin and cheered us from the sidelines.

Well, December has shipped and we are making plans for 2018.  There are some wondrous things coming in 2018 from Jackson & Seddon.  Take January for example….  while many call it Dry January, we would rather say: Clean January.  Drinking wines that are healthy/natural/biodynamic are in a completely different league to the conventional stuff you pick up in the supermarket. So in a way, you’re kinda being clean, as you’re not drinking wines that have had chemicals used during the growing process or additional sulphur or sugars added to the wine to enhance flavour, or to aid stabilisation for transporting all over the world in giant tankers.

For one month in 2018 we will have three wines all from one small producer that we met at a wine show in Piacenza recently. All organic, all stunning, all extremely limited production and all a step out of Central Italy, something we want to try and do a little more in 2018.  That’s not to say we will abandon the centre of Italy, as that’s our base and the place that has our hearts.

For 2018 we have launched our subscription service, that means you can sign up to a month by month payment service and you can receive our exclusive wines, delivered to your door.  Nice and simple.   Or, if you have a wine snob in the family, why not buy them this and let them expand their wine knowledge even further.

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