As well as getting our first Discovery Boxes ready, we have been up before dawn, capturing our producers harvests.  We went to our friends Alessandro and Paolo at Diegale, who were starting their early harvest for their Champagne style Grand Cru, and it seems that the heatwave Lucifer has had far reaching effects on the vineyards….

We wanted to create this video to give you a glimpse into the hard work and dedication that goes into the wine making process. As you can see, Alessandro wastes no time in getting the grapes picked, sorted and into the warehouse for the fermentation process to begin. Wine is a living, breathing thing and needs care and attention… and in this heat, he can’t afford to let the elements affect his produce any more than it already has.

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We’ll keep an eye out for the progress of this wine; in the meantime, you can order Alessandro’s stunning 2014 Pinot Noir which will feature in our second months Discovery Box

On another note, all of our wine will ship next week. After all the unforeseen complications, we think we can say that for sure. We will send out an email early next week to confirm the dates that your wine will be landing at your door. 
You’ve all been incredibly supportive and so, so patient. Thank you….


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