All change!

We have been back in Tuscany for almost a month now, we have been flat out sourcing wines for the next few months for the wine club, and we have some stunning wines coming your way.

With all of my customers being based in the UK and there being a lot of events coming up this year in the UK, I have decided to come and spend the summer working in the UK.  I know, I know, leaving Tuscany in the summer is bonkers, however the UK summer is a little easier on Jackson and after creating a good network here in Tuscany it’s time to come and do some promotional work.

We have had some fun and games the past few weeks.   The most eventful was when the car decided it had had enough of bombing around central Italy and wanted a little rest.  It decided this while I was half way between Siena and Arrezo on my way to Le Marche…

The car basically popped out of gear (it’s an automatic) and decided it wasn’t going into gear again.  I was sat on the side of the motorway in a lay-by wondering what the hell to do.  Now, in the UK you just call the AA, the RAC of Green flag right…?  Well, I didn’t take European cover as, well, the RAC wanted a stack of money and would only cover me for one breakdown.  So I told them to whistle.

So, there I am, sat on the side of the motorway, it’s a hot sunny day, Jackson is in the back of the car and I am clueless of what to do.  I call the RAC in the UK and ask for advice, they tell me to dial 112 and speak to the local police who will come and take the car to a garage.  Great idea, but the local police don’t speak English!  My Italian is good when it comes to the simple things in life, and wine.


So, I called my friend Andrea, who as always was up for the challenge and ready to help. He turned up and we took everything of value out of the car and headed to the local village, there Andrea went into the local bar and asked
“Is there a mechanic in this village?” An old guy then took him to his little 3 wheeled car where he had the number written in the inside of the windscreen.  I watched from the van laughing all the time.

The Disco (Discovery) was picked up by two lads, who in classic Italian style said “It’s Saturday afternoon, so we are closed, we can look at your car on Monday, maybe Tuesday….” and off they went.


In other news…..

We have found some INCREDIBLE wines since being back in Italy, so much so I can’t wait to film the VLOG’s and tell you all about them.  If you have never seen me rabbiting on about wines, then please check
out our YouTube Channel. There is a 100% Viognier that is going to be a real hit this summer!  A couple of Chianti’s that are so very different and wonderful in their own ways, and some wonderful blends to make you really think about the flavours in the bottle.

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