Car boots, and rare vintages.

In the past few weeks we did our first ever Wine Car Boot –  for those who are not aware, it’s a brilliant concept that has been running for a few years now.  The concept is a farmers market of wine vendors, all grouped together in the centre of London.  The market is made up of tables full of amazing wines, that you can have a small sample of, a glass of or the whole bottle.  The premise is to taste your way out of the supermarket, so imagine a beautiful mix of independent wine shops with lots of great wine to taste and buy.   The highlight from the day for us, was witnessing the joy and excitement on the faces of our customers  and friends that have followed our journey from day one.   So a big thank you to everyone that came and tried the wines or just came to give Jackson a belly rub.

Rumour has it that there is another on the horizon towards the end of September; we’ll keep you posted on the details.   So, if you couldn’t make it last time, pop along to the next one and join us for more organic artisan wines.

As you may have seen,  the Chiù rosé from Il Civettaio that we have championed all summer is now all gone!  This is the beauty of  working with small farms and boutique, artisan producers.  In 2016 Gregorio produced 2500 bottles, where as in 2017 he only produced 1200 bottles.  This is due to 2017 being a really, really tough year for wine makers in Tuscany, because the heat wave which the locals named ‘Lucifero’ meant the farmers produced half of their annual production.  This meant that the quantity of wine produced was extremely low, yet the quality was off the scale.

The other examples are the Birbo Vermentino from the lovely Adriano and Simona at Il Sassone, so if you brought a bottle at the last wine car boot, then you’re drinking one of the very few in the UK… or anywhere for that matter!

Finally is the wonderful Ombra Blu from Sassotondo, which we have just been told is the last of the 2015 vintage and the 2016 will be bottled in October.  So if you’re a wine club member, your luck is in as we have a limited number in stock for our members for September.

If you are not yet subscribed to our club, then now is the time.

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