Birthday adventures part 1

As you may or may not be aware, I turned 40 this month.  This came as a bit of a shock to me too, so I understand your look of astonishment.
Deciding what to do for my birthday was hard.  I wanted to do something for me, something I would never forget, something that would give me a chance to have a holiday and a well earned rest.
I settled on New Zealand, I wanted to come and see my big sister as we had not seen each other in almost 2 years.  I had never been to New Zealand, it’s the adventure capital of the world….so let’s have it!
The first leg of the journey was 11 hours in the same seat, however it was made all the more manageable by the lovely British Airways staff who seemed to just feed me for the 11 hours.
The next part of my journey was tarnished a little by the disaster that is LAX airport.  Having to collect my bags to then have to transfer them to another terminal so they could go on the plane with me, forced me to lose my head a little and I asked the staff at the airport if their arms and legs were drawn on.
American Airlines made the next 12 hours pleasant as they did nothing but feed me too!
Landing in Auckland after 2 days of travel was so wonderful, seeing my big sister again made all the miles and tired eyes vanish.
The first day we walked along a stunning beach, something I didn’t expect if I am honest,  so I could stretch my legs and get some fresh air.
No sooner had I got my bearings in New Zealand and my sister was pushing me out of a perfectly good aeroplane!  With the help of the team at Skydive Auckland we accomplished my goal which was the Point Break birthday.  I jumped from a plane in the morning and then we went surfing in the afternoon with the Piha Surf School.  For those that haven’t seen the original Point Break, please don’t watch the new Point Break, it’s truly dreadful.
The birthday was capped with an incredible meal at Cazador, a sumptuous selection of food all washed down with a stunning Syrah from Waiheke, what a day to remember!
We then headed to the South Island for a week……

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