For those who aren’t aware and thought I was on the longest holiday in Italy EVER! I took part in a BBC TV show last year that goes out in the coming weeks.

The synopsis is;

In a heart-warming new format from the makers of The Real Marigold Hotel, 10 strangers are about to experience a summer that could change their lives forever. All are at a crossroads in their lives – and all dream of leaving Britain behind to begin a new life in the sun. For seven weeks they will put their dream to the test in an incredible try-before-you-buy experiment as they move to a beautiful farm in Tuscany.

Not to ruin the final episode…….but I am still in Tuscany.

Anyway, the show goes out in the next couple of weeks and it’s called Second Chance Summer.  I will let you know as soon as we have a firm date.  So watch this space.

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