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This week has been one hell of a week for Jackson and Seddon.  Our customers received their wines and have been able to experience the wonderful wines that I had put so much care into choosing.   It kept me awake at night and put knots in my stomach. Will they love the wines as much as I do? Will they appreciate all the hard work I have put in?  Thankfully, the feedback has been overwhelming, and I wanted to share one in particular, a review of our Mixed selection Discovery Box by Peter Ranscombe of Scottish Field magazine.

When I saw the headline: “Second Chance Summer yields first rate wines”, I knew I could breathe a sigh of relief, and the review went on to give top marks to the wines that I had selected: the Vittorini Marche Bianco, which Peter loved for its unorthodox combination of pecorino and sangiovese; the San Gabriel Archangelo Pavone, which he referred to as a ‘gorgeous red’ and a ‘fruit bomb’ with structure, and the wonderful Poggio Al Commessario, which Peter again loved and paired as an ideal accompaniment to a giant steak.


This review from Peter really meant a lot to me, and to those who have been a part of this madcap journey.  To receive validation from such a knowledgeable and well-respected figure in the wine industry means more than I can say.  It means that all the hard work – and I mean really hard – hasn’t been for nothing.  The long days and late nights, the setbacks, the times when it seemed like launching this little enterprise was more trouble than I could deal with…. It reminds me that it was all worth it, and that I can be proud of achieving what I set out to do – bringing organic wines made with passion and emotion to the UK from small producers who haven’t been able to reach that market.   It’s also wonderful to see these small producers getting the appreciation they deserve; they have all become great friends and like family to me, and I look forward to working with them long into the future…




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