Have you seen us on the road?

Over the past few months we have been out and about meeting lots of people, doing lots of tastings and even took a short trip back to Italy, to find some new wines to bring to the UK.  The main focus has been to get as many people trying the wines as possible, so you can see we’re not making it up when we tell you they’re amazing!

The buying trip to Italy was a great adventure with some wondrous wines being uncovered, and some beautiful Italian towns and cities were explored.  We also met a phenomenal collective of people from all over the world, who we sat discussing world politics and drinking newly discovered wines with.

Where have we been and where can you find us…

Did you know we were invited to Jamie Oliver’s office to present our wines?  This is Danny and Jimmy, two of the awesome guys that work for Jamie.  The only shame was that we weren’t aware their office was dog friendly, or Jackson could have come along!

Hopefully they will ask us back again one day for another tasting, and Captain Hairy Face can come along.

Come and see us!

We have added all of the dates for the markets and events we are doing so far this this year, and will continue to update these as we get booked up.

Wine tasting at home anyone?

We are being asked for this more and more at the moment and love the idea!

Would it be something you might want to do for a birthday, or as a celebration of some kind?

You will be the first to know when we have this ready to launch.

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