Birthday adventures part 1

As you may or may not be aware, I turned 40 this month.  This came as a bit of a shock to me too, so I understand your look of astonishment. Deciding what to do for my birthday was hard.  I wanted to do something for me, something I would never forget, something that would give […]

Scotland to Cornwall and getting old

January is over, people are falling off wagons left right and centre, what a wonderful time of year this is. As you will have no doubt seen by now, we have relocated our operation from Scotland down to Cornwall.  This is not a decision we made voluntarily, it was a decision forced upon us by […]

48 Hour Sale

Limited Offer – Buy Our 3 bottle Discovery Box and receive a 4th bottle on us! We’re always proud of the wines that we choose at Jackson & Seddon, and our January wines are pretty sensational… even for our high standards! Our ‘Clean January’ Discovery Box features an exciting selection of superb organic, biodynamic, vegan and […]

Flash Sale!

Our much loved Marche Bianco I.G.T Crocifisso 2015 – otherwise known as Vittorini – was such a big hit that we have ordered more stock and are pleased to offer it to you again for a limited time… at a limited price! Enjoy 3 bottles of this wine for £30 in our one off Discovery Box!  […]

New Year, New Wine, New Adventures.

It’s a new year, so it’s time for an update I think… Over the past couple of months we have managed to get a lot of wine out to customers, visit an awesome wine show, travel back to Scotland, do some modelling for alpaca clothing, ship more wine and do a little site-seeing around Italy. […]

Bad timing and a trip back to the rainy island

It has been far too long since I posted an update and for that I am sorry. Time has just passed me by these past weeks as I have been battling to cope with all the work and life admin that’s all landed at once.  So in brief, here is what has happened…. Harvest season […]

Harvests, Heatwaves, and a Curious Dog

As well as getting our first Discovery Boxes ready, we have been up before dawn, capturing our producers harvests.  We went to our friends Alessandro and Paolo at Diegale, who were starting their early harvest for their Champagne style Grand Cru, and it seems that the heatwave Lucifer has had far reaching effects on the vineyards…. We wanted to […]

Early harvest & lost in translation

I want to kick this blog off with some funny translation moments I have experienced recently while fumbling my way through learning Italian. One I found out yesterday, which still makes me laugh, was when I asked how you say “shorts” as I was wearing shorts and I really need a new pair as I have […]

VAT and Naples by the sea.

It would seem that nothing is plain sailing when you start your own business and I guess in part it’s my own fault for going into this with blind ignorance.  I had an idea and that idea was something I believe in strongly, to be able to share what I love with friends and family. […]

Bureaucracy, holidays and wine lots of wine.

Tourist season is in full flow here in Tuscany, we have had quite a few visitors over the past few weeks which means there has been lots of driving and lots of content for social media. As the last couple of weeks have passed I have been able to start buying all the wine to […]