The Faithful Companion

In dedication to Jackson, this limited edition blend has been crafted by the hugely talented Gregorio of Il Civettaio wines.

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Try our Award Winning Wine

Try our Award Winning Wine

Discovered in Italy, delivered to your door.

We are a UK based importer of artisan, organic wine from small independent producers in Italy.  We choose to work with sustainable, boutique winemakers, because we find they put a great deal more love and passion into their work, which creates carefully crafted wines.

The focus of our wine shop is on wine made with organic production, as this method not only supports a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity but gives you less of a sore head the day after drinking.

As we begin our journey to discover new wines, we would love you to join us and share in the magic and excitement of discovering new organic, biodynamic, vegan and natural wines from Italy.

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