The idea for Jackson & Seddon started over five years ago, when I thought it would be great to be able to share my passion for wine with my friends and family. 


The idea moved forward a little, I designed the logo and started talking to wine wholesalers but then I was offered a job that I couldn’t turn down.


Turn the clock forward five years and I was one of ten people chosen to take part in a BBC TV reality documentary about starting a new life in Tuscany.


While in Tuscany I realised that Jackson  & Seddon could actually be an idea again.  I came up with the concept of crowdfunding the business and giving people the opportunity to pre-order small run, organic wines of outstanding quality.

I was backed by so many people, it became overwhelming.  As well as friends and loved ones, I was humbled to find support from strangers, who I hope believed in my passion, and wanted to be a part of this journey. 


I wanted to create this Founders Board as a thank you to all those who helped create this enterprise, and realise my dream by contributing to the campaign and supporting this business. 


So here are the founding members of Jackson & Seddon.  You have all helped Jackson & Seddon be where it is today, and you deserve to be seen by the world! 


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Jackson & Seddon band….